Our Concentration:

Zhengzhou Shiqi Test & Control Technology Co., Ltd founded in 1993, is located in one of the eight ancient capitals of China-Zhengzhou, sited in Hi-tech development district. Zhengzhou Shiqi is a high-tech and software authenticated enterprise, professionally concentrated in INCLINOMETER for oil and mining directional drilling, with abilities of researching, manufacturing, marketing, rental service and directional drilling engineering services. Over the years, Zhengzhou Shiqi has been a qualified sub-contractor for CNPC and Sinopec. Currently Zhengzhou Shiqi is a permanent member of Directional Drilling Technology Service Contractor Association and deputy president of Zhengzhou Enterprise Joint Association/Zhengzhou Entrepreneur Association.

Our Major Products:

  • Hi-Temperature Resistant WirelessMWD Inclinometer (150/175, Φ48mm/40mm with Gamma Module option)

  • MWD Directional Measurement Module (available for electronic single/multiple-shot inclinometers)

  • MWD Near-bit Directional Survey Module

  • MWD Pressure Sensor

  • Hi-Temperature/Pressure ResistantWired Inclinometer (Φ45, Φ38mm)

  • Hi-Temperature/Pressure Resistant Electronic Single/Multiple Shot Inclinometer (Φ45, Φ38mm)

  • Integrated Self-Float Magnetic Single-Shot Photographic Inclinometer (for photographic and electronics inclinometers)

  • Directional Drilling Rig Guidance System

  • Rotary Drilling Rig Inclinometer

   Zhengzhou Shiqi owns more than 30 proprietary intellectual property rights and charted inclinometer calibration laboratory of Henan province.

Our History:

   Since 1994, our products have been serving various domestic oil fields and more than 30 differentcountries with professional directional drilling technology and solidreputation of service. The market occupation of Single-Shot Photographic Inclinometer reached 40% domestically. Currently Zhengzhou Shiqi has competitive and unique research and development abilities in especially Hi-Temperature/Pressure Resistant Electronic Multiple Shot Inclinometer, Wireline Inclinometer, Small-Diameter Wireline/Wireless Inclinometer with Gamma module, MWD Near-bit Directional Survey Module, Directional Measurement Module and Pressure Sensor. Meanwhile, the technology of drilling rig guidance system for coal geology and exploration has achieved international advanced level, broke imported products monopoly and filled domestic technology gap in China.

Our Services:

   The directional drilling engineering service since2004 has been successfully implemented in Shaan-Gan-Ning border region, Tarim,Sulige, Eastern region, Qinghai, Dagang, Henan, Shanxi(Coal seam gas),Shaanxi(Coal seam gas) etc. Cumulatively our services have been accomplishedover 500 various kinds of directional wells such as vertical type well, casedhole directional window cutting drilling and horizontal well. Our service hasgranted good reputations from the first parties with 100% qualified rate and weare now capable to implement 20 directional drilling engineeringsimultaneously.

Our Abilities:

   Zhengzhou Shiqi advocates “Pursue Quality = Create theLife” as company philosophy. The process of designing, manufacturing, qualityinspection, technical service and directional drilling engineering servicestrictly followed ISO9001 quality system and HSE management system. Moreover, to improve our speciality of technical service continuously, we established long-term technical and strategic cooperation with many professional research institutions and oil fields to exchange information.